Simmered Hijiki and UCHIMAME

Simmered Hijiki and UCHIMAME

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Takahashi UCHIMAME (50g)
fried hijiki (40g)
frozen mix vegetables (50g)
fried bean curd (1peace)]
fish stock (3 teaspoons)
water (300cc)
soy source (2 or 3 tablespoon)
sugar, sake, sweet sake (1 tablespoon)


1.Soak Hijiki in water in 20 minutes and washed 2-3 times, then drain off water
2.Wash UCHIMAME and drain of water
3.Heat frying pan and put sesame oil on the pan, and fry hijiki in medium heat.
4.Put fried bean curd with cutting into small shape. Then, put UCHIMAME and fry them. 5.Put frozen mix vegetables and fry it, and put fish stock and water.
6.Boil it down with lid in 3-4 minutes, after We put sugar and sake , and boil until moisture disappears.

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