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  • Food culture

    What is UCHIMAME?
    Why is it used in FUKUI JAPAN?
    We introduce food and culture of UCHIMAME through japanese culture and history.

  • Nutrition

    UCHIMAME is soy beans processed food made by crush and dry.
    We introduce high food value which soybeans have.

  • History

    Craftmanship took over in half century.
    History of UCHIMAME company Takahashi since the old days.

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  • Craftsmanship

    Takahashi company is only one company which makes high quality UCHIMAME and has secret technique for it.

  • Recipe

    From traditional Japanese food to modern western food, sweets, we offer arrange recipe.



・The year-end and New Year holidays is from 2022-12-30 to 2023-01-04. We will start to ship from 2023-01-05.

・We serve JAPANSE soybeans processed food UCHIMAME.
・Customer who live outside Japan can buy UCHIMAME from this website. products→
(*Now We sell this product in America, China, Korea, Hong Kong only.)