-Good soy beans make good UCHIMAME-
What I am trying to do for making good UCHIMAME

UCHIMAME is a product eaten as it is, so a little difference of soy beans condition directly connects its quality and flavor.
It is important to keep good soybeans and invest a lot of time and effort to manufacturing.
Takahashi flour milling company takes care to bring out the best in the ingredient through the process from picking to manufacturing.

Master craftsmanship

Takahashi company is only one factory which produce UCHIMAME with good quality and technology.
We make effort not to break and remove skin including fiber by original secret manufacturing method.

Manufacturing process

It takes 7 to 10days to finish UCHIMAME production.


We use soy beans from Fukui and Hokkaido, JAPAN as material UCHIMAME.
We managed traceability of material strictly.
We choose large-fruit soy beans and keep in low-temperature storage to prevent from bugs. According to order, we processed each time.

Hand picking, washing in water

We hand pick each one grain politely in under strict hygiene control.


We crush soy beans by original machine which reproduced craftsmanship


We set crushed soy beans in drying machine.


We use automatic weighing machine and package, and detect metal component.


We do visual check and box, and ship products.