Half a century
-UCHIMAME and Takahashi company-

From Farmer's market to current takahashi company

"Takahashi's UCHIMAME" is made first in Showa 30. Founder Tomio Takahashi, He started to manufacture UCHIMAME products which was handcrafted in home until then.
At that time it was packaged in conical paper bag with red label, it was sold at Farmer's market in Tawara town Fukui city. With the times, Package was changed from paper bag into square plastic bag, and made by machine.

foundation in showa 30

Reproduction of manufacturing method of stone mill

Old time, Farmers have stone mill in home, and grinded and crushed every meal grain.
"Takahashi no UCHIMAME" is made by that method of stone mill.

And it is improved to use as every meal easily, with good crushed shape and moderate hardness by improvement of the producing technology.
Generally, soy beans are broken when it is crushed. this technology took many years and development.

Reproduction of manufacturing method of stone mill

With method of mechanization, we added handcrafted part.

Now, we mechanized Working process as much as we can. Mechanization improved work efficiency and hygiene management.

But even now, we remain handcrafted part as soy beans picking process. Because visual check of soy beans condition by human's eye is more accurate than machine.
By means of this process, we keep high quality of soy beans.

we added handcrafted part